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4 Reasons to attend a New England Summer Camp

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/26/2016

Whether you’re a native New Englander or you’ve never been to the area, we have four reasons why you should attend a New England Summer Camp.

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3 Academic Summer Camp Myths

by Stacy Jagodowski on 01/20/2016


On these chilly days, summer may be the furthest thing on your mind. But, did you know that the enrollment period for summer camps is already here? As you weigh your options for summer...

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Summer Camp vs. Summer Internship: what's right for you?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 12/16/2015

Summer camps are often thought of as fun, casual experiences where campers engage in arts and crafts, sports, and outdoor activities. While that’s often true, there are also summer camps that can...

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What summer camp is right for you?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 12/09/2015


When school’s out and summer is here, what are you going to do with your free time? Many boarding schools offer summer camp experiences ranging from a summer school style to sports camps. But...

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