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In honor of the White House Science Fair

by Stacy Jagodowski on 04/13/2016

In honor of the White House Science Fair, we’re sharing some of our most exciting science activities at Cheshire Academy. From a Sustainable Earth summer camp to Science Olympiad entries, our...

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Summer Camp English Language Programs for Students

by Stacy Jagodowski on 04/08/2016

Did you know that you can improve your mastery of a foreign language at summer camp? You can! Many summer camp English programs are targeted to students who are learning the language, giving them a...

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Is a youth summer science camp right for you?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 03/23/2016


If setting off rockets and building submarines is your ideal way to spend your summer, then you might want to consider attending a youth summer science camp. These hands-on programs get students...

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Summer Camp Activities

by Caitlin Garzi on 03/02/2016

Looking for summer camp activities? Whether you’re a camp counselor looking for ideas or a middle or high school student researching what to expect during summer camp, this blog post is for you.

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4 Reasons to attend a New England Summer Camp

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/26/2016

Whether you’re a native New Englander or you’ve never been to the area, we have four reasons why you should attend a New England Summer Camp.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Boarding School Admission and more

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/22/2016

If you haven't been following Cheshire Academy's blogs, you're missing out on the ultimate guide to boarding school admission and more. Check out the latest blogs:

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How a residential summer camp can prepare your child for boarding school

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/17/2016

If you’re thinking about having your child apply to boarding school, you might want to consider a residential summer camp to help them prepare for boarding school life. Why?

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How to prepare your child for summer camp

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/12/2016

Attending summer camp for the first time, especially if it’s far from home, can be a big adjustment for your child. But there are several things you can do as a parent to help prepare your child for...

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4 Reasons to Register for Summer Camp Early

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/05/2016

It may be winter and there's snow on the ground, but it's not too early to start thinking about summer. We've got four reasons why you should register for summer camp early!

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5 Types of Summer Camps You Didn’t Know Existed

by Stacy Jagodowski on 01/27/2016


When it comes to types of summer camps, there is no shortage of options. From academic summer camps and summer school to outdoor adventure camps, there’s something for everyone. Want to learn more...

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3 Academic Summer Camp Myths

by Stacy Jagodowski on 01/20/2016


On these chilly days, summer may be the furthest thing on your mind. But, did you know that the enrollment period for summer camps is already here? As you weigh your options for summer...

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The Benefits of Sleepaway Camp

by Stacy Jagodowski on 01/13/2016

If you’re considering sending your child to an overnight camp this summer, but are feeling a little reluctant, we have five benefits of sleepaway camp that may ease your mind:

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How do I apply to summer camp?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 01/06/2016

Wondering how you can get involved in a summer camp? We’ve got the details on how to find schools offering programs and how to apply to summer camp.

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Should my child go to summer camp?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 12/30/2015

When the school year ends and summer vacation arrives, and you’re still at work all day, you may be wondering, “should my child go to summer camp?” Here are three reasons why summer camp may be...

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How to pick a summer camp

by Stacy Jagodowski on 12/23/2015

According to the American Camp Association, there are about 7,000 overnight camps and about 5,000 day camps in the United States. That means, you have more than 12,000 camps to choose from this...

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