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Bullying at Schools: What You Can Do

by Stacy Jagodowski on 02/27/2017

No one deserves to be bullied or have someone be mean to them, but for many children, bullying is an unfortunate occurrence at school. Believe it or not, according to some harrowing statistics on...

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How to Make Friends in Middle School

by Gail Mauthe on 02/21/2017

As the Director of Counseling Services at Cheshire Academy, I often hear from students who are looking for help fitting in. While Cheshire Academy is a high school, trouble fitting in can start as...

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Mindful Parenting Checklist

by Caitlin Garzi on 02/03/2017

Raising children can sometimes feel like running a marathon that never ends: Grabbing the juice, grabbing the right juice, cleaning up the juice off your floor/car/new blousethe work never ends.

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How to choose the best boarding school for your sport

by Cody Barbierri on 12/21/2016

Whether you're going to be a ninth grader or have decided to do a postgraduate year, you're here because you've decided that you want to participate in a particular competitive sport. Below we...

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Do I need Volunteer Service on my High School Transcript?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 10/17/2016

Many high schools have community service requirements for graduation, but do you really need volunteer hours to get into college?

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4 Reasons to Play High School Sports

by Cody Barbierri on 09/01/2016

If you’re not one of the students who plays high school sports for the sheer love of the game, then you might be on the fence on whether you should play or not. The reality is there are a host of...

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The Qualities of Top Boarding Schools

by Stacy Jagodowski on 03/03/2016


Everyone always asks which schools are considered the top boarding schools, but do you know WHY certain schools are considered the best?

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What are boarding school uniforms like?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 03/01/2016

Wondering what boarding school uniforms are like, and if you’ll have to wear one? Most boarding schools do have uniforms—or at least a strict dress code—but what exactly boarding school uniforms...

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3 Student-run Boarding School Blogs You Need to Follow

by Stacy Jagodowski on 11/10/2015

Many schools offer blogs that talk about the community and boarding school student life, but only a few of those blogs are managed by students. Take a look at these three student-run boarding...

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Fun things to do at New England Boarding Schools in the fall

by Stacy Jagodowski on 10/15/2015

Photo by Jason Lee '15

Fall in New England is a favorite time of year for many. From foliage to fall food favorites, there’s a definite culture that can be found in this area, and at many of the ...

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Seven tips to survive the first few days of boarding school

by Stacy Jagodowski on 09/01/2015

You’ve made it to campus and are settled into your dorm room ready to get started at boarding school. You may even have been to a welcome event and made some friends. But, classes are right...

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What not to bring to your dorm room at boarding school

by Stacy Jagodowski on 08/27/2015

It can be tough to decide what to bring to your dorm room at boarding school, and earlier this week, we offered some helpful advice on 10 things to bring to boarding school. On the flip-side of...

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10 Things to bring to boarding school: A guide to moving into your dorm room

by Stacy Jagodowski on 08/25/2015

It can be tough to decide what to bring to your dorm room at boarding school, so we are here to offer some helpful advice (plus a free printable checklist!).

Typically, your dorm room will be...

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The first day of boarding school

by Stacy Jagodowski on 08/03/2015

It’s summer time, but it’s also time to start thinking about your first day at boarding school. Here are seven things you need to do before you start:

  1. Check the Dress Code.

Most schools have a...

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Catch Up With The ScratchUp!

by suadmin on 02/25/2014
Our New Community Blog, The ScratchUp!
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