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Understanding your financial aid decisions

by Stacy Jagodowski on 03/15/2016


It’s admission decision season, which means many students are left asking questions about the packages they received. Some of the most popular questions center around financial aid, and we’re...

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How can I get financial aid for boarding school?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 11/26/2015


If you’re applying to boarding school, you’ve likely noticed that there’s a tuition fee to attend. While your boarding school education will be worth every penny, not every family can afford to pay...

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Changes to the FAFSA | Are boarding schools affected?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 09/15/2015

You may have heard about the changes to the process for submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that are coming in 2016. The federal government is updating the federal...

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How to afford boarding school

by Stacy Jagodowski on 07/21/2015

Not every family is able to pay the full cost of attending boarding school, but fortunately there are seven ways that might help you afford boarding school tuition.

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Is it too late to apply to boarding school?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 04/14/2015

April 10 has come and gone. What’s the significance of this date for boarding schools? It’s the national deadline for applicants to respond to their enrollment decisions. In fact, most private...

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Former CA Town Scholar, Actor James Van Der Beek '95, Visits CA!

by Carrie Moores on 10/29/2013
Does the guy with the great smile look familiar? Cheshire Academy alumnus actor James Van Der Beek ’95, returned to campus last week to surprise students and chat with one of our drama classes!...
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This year's boarding school scholarship goes to...

by Carrie Moores on 06/26/2012

Every spring, our admissions team gets to select one very lucky (and very talented) Cheshire, CT resident as the recipient of a full, four-year scholarship to the Academy! (Think: Publishers...

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