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Is a college degree worth the time and money?

by Daniel Monahan on 09/21/2016

I hear from many students who are worried about the financial cost of a college education, not to mention the time commitment required to earn a degree. Both in my time as the Director of College...

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Are boarding schools better than public schools?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 04/20/2016


Every week I write about the benefits of boarding schools, but what I haven’t shared are my own reasons for choosing boarding school versus public school. I attended my local public schools...

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Are boarding schools good for children?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 03/23/2016

There’s still a large segment of the population that isn’t familiar with boarding schools and their benefits. So it’s not surprising when you hear parents ask, are boarding schools good for...

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Boarding School Open House: Why attend? What happens?

by Stacy Jagodowski on 09/17/2015

If you’re applying to boarding schools this fall, most likely you’re getting an invitation to attend an Open House. What is this event and why should you attend? We have the details.

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Are you looking for a good election app?

by Mrs. Monahan, Faculty on 04/21/2015


The days of  maps on a dusty roll hanging from the chalkboard are long gone. Those maps are expensive, clunky and quickly become outdated. In US History and Government classes it is essential to...

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Advice for Applying to Boarding School - Part 2: Creating Your List of Potential Schools

by Stacy Jagodowski on 12/10/2014

Applying to boarding school can be a tricky thing, but as a former admission officer, I’m here to offer advice to prospective students. In my previous blog, I talked about some initial questions...

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IB Program Series Part IV: The Depths of ToK

by Stacy Jagodowski on 10/03/2014

Every time I visit a class here at Cheshire Academy, I walk away inspired. I leave the classroom feeling energized and hungry for more. The opportunities our students have to take courses like...

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Journey Into the IB Program: Part III

by Stacy Jagodowski on 09/26/2014

Who are you?

That’s a question that many adults struggle to answer, but that’s exactly what was asked of students in the first year of IB Visual Arts. Using materials in the classroom, students...

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Journey Into the IB Program, Part II

by Stacy Jagodowski on 09/22/2014

How do imagination and belief affect knowledge? Does imagination and belief impede or support our ability to consider new facts? In this particular Theory of Knowledge class, we broadened our...

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Journey into the IB Program: Part I

by Mrs. Monahan, Faculty on 09/12/2014

A series reflection by Director of Communications Stacy Jagodowski.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though
nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a...
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4 Little Known Supplementary Programs Offered by Private Schools

by suadmin on 07/23/2014

The secret to getting the most out of your boarding school experience lies in taking advantage of the specialty programs offered throughout the year.

Most private schools in Connecticut and New...

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Get a Taste of Classes at CA

by suadmin on 01/16/2014

Choosing a secondary school can be a confusing process. Of course you want to pick the school that is the very best fit for you. Sure, you can get a good feel for schools by taking a tour of the...

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Thank You for Visiting!

by suadmin on 11/13/2012

Our November 12th Open House saw over 120 visitors at Cheshire Academy! Families were guided around campus by our very own student ambassadors, sat in on a faculty, student, and current parent...

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Go ahead--Sample us!

by suadmin on 06/27/2012

Thinking about boarding school, but really want to know where might be a good fit before taking the plunge?

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Types of arts for high school students

by Carrie Moores on 06/26/2012

Cheshire Academy hearts the Arts. From our annual Arts Day to our student-run Literary & Arts magazine, Juxtaposition, the Academy has a number of opportunities for students to get involved in...

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