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I missed the deadline! Applying to Boarding Schools After February 10


Most competitive boarding schools, including Cheshire Academy, operate on an admissions cycle that includes an application deadline of February 10, with admission decisions coming March 10. This may leave many students wondering if it’s too late to consider applying to boarding schools after February 10. The answer?

In most cases, no. For most schools, February 10 is considered a priority deadline for admissions, meaning you’re in the first round of applicants. You’ll receive your admission decision in the first round, with notifications arriving on March 10. You then have a month to decide if you’re going to enroll, as decisions are typically required by April 10.

Schools that don’t fill their available admission spaces in the first round of decisions will move to what’s called a rolling admission basis. That means, applications are accepted until space is filled by qualified applicants.

In some cases, yes. Applying to boarding school before the February 10 deadline is most crucial if you’re looking for financial aid. With limited aid pools, most boarding schools award financial aid packages to those who apply early, and funds get used up quickly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t try, but the likelihood of you receiving a full financial aid package dwindles with each passing day.

There are also some boarding schools whose admissions cycles are so competitive that applications are not accepted after February 10. If your dream school is one of these very competitive institutions, you can always reach out and asked if they are accepting applications for a waitlist, which means if your application meets their acceptance criteria but there are no spaces available, you get entered into a list of students who are literally waiting for admission spaces to open up.

If you’re serious about boarding school, the best thing you can do is apply early. If you’re applying to boarding school after February 10, don’t wait too long. This is one instance where applying sooner rather than later may increase your chances of acceptance.

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Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

Ms. Jago joined the Cheshire Academy community in August 2013 as the director of strategic marketing and communications. Prior to coming to Cheshire Academy, she spent six years working in communications offices at both colleges and private school, as well as five years in admission at both boarding schools and day schools.

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