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Ace your boarding school interview

Interviewing for boarding school is part of the school admission process, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Check out these 3 tips on how to answer boarding school interview questions:


Do your homework before you get there and make sure you are familiar with the school. You should know why you want to attend, what you like most about the boarding school, and be prepared to ask questions about the school and community.    

Be yourself

Your admission officer wants to get to know you, the real you. Not the polished, perfect, robotic you that only comes out during a boarding school interview. Talk about the things you like to study, your hobbies, your interests, and new things you want to explore. Having an honest conversation is the only way to learn if you and the boarding school are a mutual fit for each other.


Yep, practice. Sit down with your parents or friends and have them pretend to be an admission officer. Let them come up with questions to ask you on the spot. Then, they can give you feedback on your answers. Just like getting ready for a leading role in your school’s play, practicing what you say can help you feel more comfortable when the big day comes.

Check out other blogs on boarding school interviews, like this one, 10 Boarding School Interview Questions, that can help you figure out what you might be asked. Come up with your own questions, too. What would you ask someone who is applying to boarding school?


Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

Ms. Jago joined the Cheshire Academy community in August 2013 as the director of strategic marketing and communications. Prior to coming to Cheshire Academy, she spent six years working in communications offices at both colleges and private school, as well as five years in admission at both boarding schools and day schools.

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