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The first day of boarding school

It’s summer time, but it’s also time to start thinking about your first day at boarding school. Here are seven things you need to do before you start:

  1. Check the Dress Code.

Most schools have a dress code, particularly private schools like Cheshire Academy. Visit your school’s website or check out your Student Handbook to find information on the dress code. Make sure you have all of the required clothing before you get on campus, and that you know what to wear on the first day of school.

  1. Buy school supplies.

Most schools offer lists of supplies, both for classes and for your dorm room, that you need for the year. Supplies might range from calculators and iPads, to apps, eBooks and hard copy books, as well as notebooks and even gym clothes, as well as sheets and towels and shower caddies. Go through the list and get everything you need, and also pay attention to what not to bring to campus. Some schools limit what you can have in the dorm room, like refrigerators, microwaves or televisions, which are often banned.

  1. Do your summer reading.

Teachers usually assign specific books, or even worksheets or projects, over the summer. Your first classes will likely revolve around this summer work, so make sure you’re prepared.

  1. Complete all the required forms.

All schools have packets of forms for students and their parents to complete. These include general contact information, emergency contact information, health forms, and more. Turn these in early, so you have time to address any issues before school starts. Incomplete forms can affect your ability to begin school.

  1. Go to the doctor.

We mentioned health forms in the previous bullet, which usually require a doctor’s visit. Schools require doctor’s visits to ensure that you meet requirements to begin school, participate in sports, and stay healthy. If you require any special medications, make sure those are listed on the form, and that you know what to do with them when you arrive on campus. You may be required to store your medications with the school nurse.

  1. Read your welcome letters.

Boarding schools put together welcome letters from various departments on campus, which contain important information about the start of school. Read them and highlight any action items you need to do.

  1. Plan your travel.

If you need to take a train, airplane, or bus to get to campus, make sure you book your travel well in advance of the start of school to ensure that you arrive on time. Check with your school to see if there are shuttles offered from airports and bus stations, and what times they are available. Most schools offer windows of time, and don’t have individual pick-ups.

Good luck at school!


Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

Ms. Jago joined the Cheshire Academy community in August 2013 as the director of strategic marketing and communications. Prior to coming to Cheshire Academy, she spent six years working in communications offices at both colleges and private school, as well as five years in admission at both boarding schools and day schools.

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