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The days of  maps on a dusty roll hanging from the chalkboard are long gone. Those maps are expensive, clunky and quickly become outdated. In US History and Government classes it is essential to have great resources to keep the students engaged and to appeal to this generation of visual learners. For those using iPads in the classroom, a great app for history is 270towin. It is a mere 99 cents in the app store and an invaluable resource, with election maps spanning from Washington to Obama.

For AP US History, this app includes US election maps with popular vote and electoral vote breakdowns. It is a great tool when teaching about contested elections, party shifts, presidential popularity and more. It is not necessary for students to download the app on their iPads, as it is mainly a teaching tool. My students often say, "let's look in the app and compare the numbers." In AP Government and Politics there are similar uses that enhance the curriculum and replace expensive and outdated textbooks and maps.  With the electoral college constantly being in the news it is such a great thing to have the maps just a finger swish away. I have downloaded and deleted countless apps but 270 to win is a keeper!

Mrs. Christine Monahan


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