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Is it too late to apply to boarding school?

April 10 has come and gone. What’s the significance of this date for boarding schools? It’s the national deadline for applicants to respond to their enrollment decisions. In fact, most private schools, boarding and day, use this deadline. Which leaves many families wondering, is it too late to apply to boarding school?

No, it's not too late! Most boarding schools and day schools move to a rolling admission process after the April 10 deadline, which means they will accept applications throughout the spring and sometimes even during the summer. In general, applications will be accepted until a school has filled all their spots.

The competitiveness of each school will dictate how long applications will be considered, so you’re encouraged to apply as soon as you know you’re interested in attending. Contact the admission office to see if they still have spaces available.

Even if you’re not sure if you want to apply just yet, schedule a visit before the school year is over. That way, you have a chance to see the campus in action. The vibe on each campus changes drastically during the summer months when school is not in session and students aren’t there.

It is particularly important to apply sooner rather than later if you need financial aid. Each school has a limited amount of aid available, and possibly scholarships, available to students. Most of this aid will be allocated during the first round of acceptances, but there may be some funds available for late applicants. The longer you wait to apply for admission and financial aid though, the lower your chances of receiving an award regardless of demonstrated need.

So while April 10 has passed, there's still time to apply to boarding school. If you're interested in Cheshire Academy, visit us online to inquire or apply. Or contact our admission team to schedule a visit.

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Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

Ms. Jago joined the Cheshire Academy community in August 2013 as the director of strategic marketing and communications. Prior to coming to Cheshire Academy, she spent six years working in communications offices at both colleges and private school, as well as five years in admission at both boarding schools and day schools.

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