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7 Tips for Day Students Attending Boarding Schools

Day students attending boarding school have a lot to experience. If you're thinking about being a day student at a boarding school, you'll be in a great position to enjoy the best of both worlds! Here are a few tips as you consider making the leap:

1. Join your friends for dinner!

As a day student, you are entitled to a full meal plan at school—including breakfast, lunch and dinner! Arrange to be dropped off early or picked up a little later sometimes and get in on the dining hall buffet with friends, especially if it’s stir-fry night with hot fudge sundaes for dessert.

2. Take advantage of weekend trips, activities, and community life programs.

Trust us: you are always invited to be on campus. Nothing to do over the weekend? Come back for an athletic game or just to watch a movie with friends in the dorms. Take advantage of free swim in the Academy’s pool, or throw pottery on the wheel in the art studios. You can also sign up for a class trip to the mall or a trip to see a Broadway show in NYC.

3. Use your snow days to get ahead.

Sometimes, particularly in the northeast, day students are unable to drive to school for classes while boarding students can still trudge through the snow for a full academic day. While snow days may seem to be a perk of being a day student (and ok, perhaps it is—) you don’t want to fall behind. Use these days to get ahead in your studies: e-mail your teachers to find out how you can catch up or even tune into class remotely (Google hangout, perhaps?) In the very least, use the day to review your notes or check the syllabus to complete future assignments. You may be tempted to veg out on the couch and watch TV, but you definitely want to stay on track—it will be worth it. At least you can stay on track in your pajamas. 

4. Get involved!

Being a day student doesn’t have to be just a Monday-Friday, 8:30-3:30 endeavor. In fact, it rarely is! Becoming involved in after school sports and clubs ensures that you become a vital member of the community, whether you board in one of the dorms or not! You’ll make friends from every corner of the campus—and world—as you become a regular presence in school activities.

 5. Become a tour guide!

You already know the town—and the campus—like the back of your hand. Why not put that knowledge to great use? Check with your admission office to see how you can help out. As a “townie,” you may even be able to secure a summer job as a student ambassador when all other students have left school for the year and you’re around to show prospective families around! Looks great on your high school resume…

6. How about a sleepover night?

Get a taste of what it’s like to be a boarder by arranging to stay over night in the dorms during a particularly busy week, or even just for a fun weekend away from home!

7. Invite a friend over

Sleepovers go both ways—how about inviting a boarder to your house for a weekend getaway? Chances are, your boarder friends would love a change of scenery and a home-cooked meal.

Take your friends home for a weekend!

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Carrie Moores

Written by Carrie Moores

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