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Should You Do A PG Year After High School?

Increasingly, students are considering delaying college by one year in order to attend a PG (post-graduate) year at a boarding school after completing High School. For many students, a PG year is a chance to improve their academic record, attract the attention of college athletic recruiters for a potential scholarship, seek entry into more competitive colleges, and gain greater independence and organizational skills prior to the four-year investment that college entails.

Should you do a PG year after High School? Consider the reasons below:

1. You want to boost your GPA and bulk up on extracurricular activities.

2. You didn’t get into your #1 college choice and want to apply again, strengthening your resume in the meanwhile.

3. You’d like additional preparation—perhaps academic support to improve your math or writing skills, or even to challenge yourself further through AP or IB Program classes— prior to taking on college level courses.

4. You aren’t exactly sure where you want to attend college or what you want to major in yet, and an extra year of study will help to sharpen your plans.

5. You’d like to improve your study and organizational skills.

6. You’d like more support researching and applying to colleges.

7. You hope to be recruited and earn an athletic scholarship for college.

Do any of these statements apply to you? Adding one more year of high school to your transcript at a competitive boarding school may give you the edge you are looking for prior to attending college. College admission officerswill undoubtedly note your willingness to pace yourself, to challenge yourself, and to improve and grow prior to making that next big four-year commitment.

At Cheshire Academy, we offer a comprehensive PG year where you will participate in athletics, have access to a wide range of classes, receive extensive college counseling and meet with college admission counselors on-campus throughout the fall. Our program offers a supportive academic environment with small class sizes and opportunities to challenge yourself in every subject. For more information, contact admissions or apply here.

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Carrie Moores

Written by Carrie Moores

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