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Living On Campus: A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student

Many students considering going away to boarding school usually have one major question on their minds: What’s it like to be a boarder?

Living on-campus—away from home for the first time for most students—can certainly be a scary notion. But decades upon decades of boarding schools students have made the leap—and have truly ended up loving the experience! Many boarding school students will attest that they live with their best friends— who turn out to be friends for life—and miss the excitement and camaraderie of dorm life when they return back home during school breaks.

What exactly is a day in the life of a boarding student like?

CRS14__113On weekday mornings, you (and your roommate) will wake up to your alarm clock and get ready for morning classes (pretty similar to being at home during the school week!) One major difference here is breakfast—if you are used to just grabbing a pop tart or pouring a bowl of cereal at home, at boarding school, be prepared for a breakfast buffet with many options such as fresh bagels, scrambled eggs and bacon, muffins and fruit!

Between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm, your schedule will include a mix of academics, free periods (where you can return to your room and relax or get some work done) and advisory or club meetings. A few times a week, the whole school will gather together for a community morning meeting, where you can make announcements and learn about upcoming events or achievements of fellow students.

clubsAfter school, you will likely grab a snack from the student center or dining hall before heading off to practice. Whether you play football, belong to the ski team, or act in the drama club, you’ll hold daily afternoon program athletic practices or attend games Monday through Friday.

What’s for dinner? Chances are you’ll meet up with friends at the dining hall after you are done with practice, where you will choose from an array of hot entrees and a salad bar- and of course- desserts. Typically, the dining hall is open for a couple of hours, and you can attend dinner at your leisure during that time.

orchestraSome students attend additional club meetings after dinner, such as the school choir or orchestra. Many other students will enjoy a little down time before study hall begins. During study hall, students will have quite time in the dorms or library where they can focus on homework. Typically during study hall, your dorm parent or a peer counselor will stop by to see how your day went—or you may get a chance to chat in the dormitory common area post-study hall when you will enjoy a snack or play games with friends.

Weekends are a little different for every student, though most will report that they catch up on sleep! Some students may choose to return home to see family, many students have Saturday games they participate in or attend to watch with friends, and everyone has the option of getting off campus for different events such as shopping, going to the movies, or fitting in some bowling or paintball! Click here for a list of typical weekend activities and local attractions near Cheshire Academy.



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