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5 Little Known Facts About Boarding School, Part II

1. Boarding schools are family friendly. A boarding school is a 24/7 environment, so don’t be surprised to see entire families living on campus, eating with you in the dining hall, coaching you on the field and teaching your classes!

Added bonus: where there are families, there are family pets. Campus dogs and cats typically abound in the boarding school scene, so chances are you’ll get to pat a friendly golden retriever or two on a daily basis. Many students even make a little extra cash on the side offering their campus dog-walking services or even babysitting their teacher’s kids on a Saturday night!

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2. The food is great! Students typically enjoy a diverse buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, fit for hundreds of different pallets! Particularly at schools that host a large international student body—you may find an equally as global menu in the dining hall. From organic to comfort food to salad bar, you’ll never be let down.

Students also enjoy creating their own concoctions, (like turning entrée’s like roast turkey or macaroni & cheese into Panini hot pockets. Don’t even get us started on the amazing dessert options. It’s a good thing there’s a gym on campus!

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3. Free Periods are… Free! One of the best things about attending a private school is that you may have free periods in between classes—many students choose to catch up on work in the library, fit in a quick game of ping-pong in the student center, or lay out on the quad on a sunny day!


4. Don’t worry—You can leave campus! Many people assume that boarding school students are always stuck on campus—especially without access to a car. This isn’t the case! Weekend trips are always planned to take you and your friends to exciting new places downtown, to eat at restaurants, roam the mall, or catch a movie. With permission from parents, many students also enjoy getting off campus with friends who may drive, or they might also take the bus or train somewhere new.

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5. You don’t always have to wear a uniform. Many boarding schools do have a dress code, and some require formal uniforms for all or part of the week, others require dress shirts and ties or skirts and blouses, and some may not have a formal code in place. In addition, many schools offer coveted “dress down” days where students can attend classes out of dress code for a special occasion or contest prize—and of course, students are free to wear what they after school hours and on weekends.

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