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5 Little Known Facts About Boarding School Life, Part 1

1. Boarding schools are diverse.

Many people have the misconception that the students who attend boarding schools are all the same. However, a real sample of your average boarding school population reveals boys and girls not just from all over the country, but the globe! At Cheshire Academy, we have students from over 30 different countries, including Brazil, Germany, China, and The United Arab Emirates. Many boarding schools offer a composite of the world located on just one campus!

Boarding Schools in New England

2. Boarding schools aren’t just for boarders.

The typical New England boarding school is more than just a boarding school. While non-local students do live on campus, there are many local students who attend classes during the day and commute home in the evenings.

As any boarder can attest, day students are vital to the community! Making friends with local students who know the area is always a plus, not to mention getting off campus and visiting a friend’s house for some home-cooking or a Friday night sleep over!

Day Students at Boarding School Day students and their families are always invited on campus for games, art openings, and other fun events!

3. Boarding schools closely mirror college life.

The boarding school calendar is broken up into semesters—just like most colleges. The semester schedule allows colleges and boarding schools to offer slightly longer breaks than public schools, enabling non-local and international students to return home and visit their families frequently throughout the year.


4. Your teachers have advanced degrees in their subject area.

While public high school teachers hold degrees in education, most boarding schools actively recruit faculty members with multiple degrees—both in education and their disciplines. This means that someone who published, wrote about, and researched English Literature may be teaching your English class!

At Cheshire Academy, over 40 faculty members hold advanced degrees, so chances are, your history teacher will have a masters degree—or even a PhD—in history. Your English teacher will likely have devoted a good portion of her academic career to a thesis on Emily Bronte. And your Physics teacher may have invented medical devises in a previous career. Boarding schools are passionate about teachers who are passionate about their subject matter, so you will be, too!

Private School Educator Mr. Boyd, Cheshire Academy's Theory of Knowledge teacher, has his M.S!

5. Paying for boarding school can be affordable.

Like colleges, boarding schools offer financial aid packages and scholarships to help you with the costs associated with tuition and boarding. Don’t write-off a private school education because you assume it will be too costly—the first step is to apply. You never know what opportunities and scholarships may come along!

Cheshire Academy (a CT private school) offers The Town Scholarship to local residents and financial aid to non-local students.

Boarding School Scholarships James Van Der Beek, famously known for his role as Dawson in Dawson's Creek, is one of many Cheshire Academy Town Scholar recipients.

Check back next week for 5 MORE little known facts about boarding schools, and feel free to list a few of your own in the comments section!


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