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Revisiting a Boarding School: What to Look For

Boarding School Revisit Day Many boarding schools host revisit days. Find out how to get the most out of a revisit day!

Congratulations on your Acceptance to Cheshire Academy!

We can’t wait to welcome you and your family back to campus for one of our Revisit Day events in April!

Visiting campus with other accepted students and families can be extremely helpful—and exciting—as you consider making CA your new home next fall. Whether joining as a day or boarding student, there are a lot of things to consider before making the leap and submitting your deposit form this spring!

Our Cheshire Academy Revisit Day is a way to stop, take a deep breath, and truly take a good look around—imagining yourself here. Here are a few key points to consider as you return to campus:

Will I be challenged? It's important to know that you will be stimulated academically! As you learn more from students and faculty on Revisit Day, try to piece together what options will be available to you. What types of classes can I take? Do classes engage in hands-on projects or off-campus trips? How many AP classes are offered? What exactly is the IB Program, and can I just take one or two IB classes? If I need extra help, who will I turn to for academic support? Is there a writing or math help center? You may find that there are many different avenues you can take when you get here--talk to students and faculty and mentally build your own curriculum for the fall!

Will the teachers take the time to get to know me? Class size is important; it's the difference between being involved in a lesson or just staring at a lesson take place in front of you from behind a sea of desks. How many students are in the typical class? How are the classrooms arranged? Take note as you re-visit classrooms, and be sure to ask your student ambassador what their classroom experiences have been like so far.

Can I see myself participating in any clubs and sports? As a part of our afternoon program, all students are involved in a seasonal sport or club- ask a current student about a team they joined for the first time while at CA. Chances are, almost everyone has tried a new activity that they ended up falling in love with! Find out what your options are, and what it's like participating on a team at Cheshire Academy.

What do students do for fun outside of class? Believe or not, classes aren't everything. There will be times you will want to relax, kick back, and enjoy hanging out with friends, on or off-campus. This will take a little research--definitely talk to one of our CA student ambassadors and ask them how they enjoy their weekends and free time. Keep in mind, though, that everyone likes to spend their free time differently-- find out if the activities you enjoy are easily accessible (like a weekend trip to the mall or local hiking trails!)

Is the community friendly? Will I feel at home here? Ok, those are two questions, but they often go hand-in-hand. A lot can be said from a smile and a friendly conversation. This is your chance to break from the tour and actually interact with the students and teachers you see. Are the people warm? Do you they take the time to learn more about you and your interests? Do current students seem happy? A happy student body and faculty are often indicative of a warm, nurturing environment--one you are likely to feel at home at!

Do I like the cookies? (A bonus question, but one that bears serious consideration…) :)

Remember, the Revisit Day is also a chance to celebrate your huge accomplishment! You Got In! Enjoy it!



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