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Dog Days of Summer...


What goes on around campus while the students are away? The dogs have their day!

Cheshire Academy is a dog-friendly campus (for our faculty members) and we consider our furry friends a part of the community! You may find yourself volunteering to pup-sit if you live in a dorm, or taking a a teacher's golden retriever for a lap in the pond between classes. Our pooches often show up to sporting events and cheer on our Fighting Cats...who says dogs and cats don't mix?

Even dogs are included! Go Cats?

You may not be able to bring your own pet with you to CA, but our faculty are more than happy to share theirs for snuggle time or a game of fetch!

From Scout to Suvi, we <3 our Cheshire Dogs just as much as our Cheshire Cats!

dog1 dog3 dog5 dog4


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