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International Buffet!


For a small town located smack-dab between New Haven and Hartford, CT, Cheshire Academy has a diverse sampling of cultures from around the globe! To celebrate the myriad backgrounds, traditions, and culinary delights representative of our student body, this past weekend our students teamed up with Residential Life for a special Community Weekend program that would educate the mind—and taste buds—in the language of international exploration!

IMG_1179Our students come not only from all over the United States, but also from Germany, China, Korea, Lithuania, Venezuela, Canada, Aruba, New Zealand, Ghana, The United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and many other fascinating countries! Last Friday evening, students teamed up to create informational boards about the country they represented, offering books, images, and of course, delicious foods, for their fellow classmates and teachers to explore. The cross-continental buffet was accompanied by a little entertainment to end the night—an international talent show featuring traditional song, dance, art and instrumentals! IMG_1165

On Saturday, students had their choice to venture out into downtown New Haven to experience an array of ethnic restaurants, from Ethiopian fare, Mexican, and Chinese to Japanese, Italian and Indian foods. Other students decided to get a little more adventurous—traveling instead to their teachers’ homes to cook an international meal for themselves! From sushi to cheeseburgers, students learned many new recipes to take home and share with their own families. IMG_5063

To top off a weekend of eating, what better way to work off the extra culinary calories than to take part in an international sports tournament! Students faced off with ping-pong, soccer (futbal!) water polo, badminton, and other traditional games from around the world. All in all, it was another successful and delicious Community Weekend! Can’t wait for the next one…until then, you can quench your appetite with our International Buffet photo album on Facebook here!



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