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Reason #91: Community Weekends

Community Weekend!

Even dogs are included! Even dogs are included!

Several weekends a year, our Res Life team joins with the student body to address important topics, celebrate culture, or simply let loose in the name of school spirit! Community weekends are a great way to come together as a school and make a difference; whether it be through school-wide discussions on issues like bullying, engaging in community service and picking up litter throughout the town, or heading to the gym for Dorm Wars!

522504_375243025903065_1916242145_nMore recently, the girls’ and boys’ dorms squared off against each other in dodge ball matches and relay races, while other teams scoured the campus on a scavenger hunt, using clues to recover objects hidden in different buildings. With hopes of earning even more points for their dorms, students participated in a Saturday night talent show competition before moving on to a school-wide dance. The stakes were high-- the winning dorm earned an hour off from study hall for a dorm-wide pizza feast.

In January, Community Weekend will celebrate the rich diversity of our school with an international fair (featuring cuisine from around the world) an international talent show, and a sports-from-around-the-world tournament. Stay tuned for more pictures...and maybe a delicious new recipe or two!


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