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Reason #93: Student Involvement

We're Involved!

Where do I sign up?

Every fall, our students participate in the annual "Involvement Fair," wooing you in with candy and sign up sheets to join a new club on campus. A capella? Check. Computer club? You got it. Candy club? Meets on Thursdays. You name it-- we offer it. And if we don't? Feel free to start your own society!

Browse below for a list of possible clubs you might like to join. We're waiting for you!

Art Club, CATS, Candy Club, Captains Council, Chamber Ensemble, Citizenship Committee, Coleman Group, Computer Club, Connecticut Youth Forum, Diversity Club, Eco-Leaders, Exodus - Gospel Choir, Gay/Straight Alliance, Jazz Ensemble, Junior Advocates, Key Club, Mac Users Club, Mathematical Modeling Team, Model U.N., National Honor Society, New England Math League, New Sophomore Mentor, Peer Counselors, Photography Club, Proctors, Residential Assistants (RAs), Student Council, Student Life Committee (SLiC), Varsity Players Theater Group, Tour Guides, Yearbook, and MORE!


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