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Meet Nicky!

I may have given you a tour...!

Name: Nicky

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Hometown: Cheshire, CT (day student)

Dream job: Something in the Sciences

How did you hear about Cheshire Academy?

I applied for the Town Scholarship. I never thought I would actually get it! It was a spur of the moment application, and it was so exciting to be selected! I’ve never regretted coming here; it has been such a great experience.

What are some of your extracurricular activities?

Soccer, Basketball, Softball, and Admissions Tour Guide.

What class or extracurricular activity means the most to you?

I love the soccer team. I play all year-round and love every second, just being a part of a team like that.

What are a few words you would use to describe Cheshire Academy?

Close-knit, great education, strong sense of community...

What are the people like at Cheshire Academy? Students? Faculty?

The students are like a family—everyone knows everyone here. And the teachers are great. The small class sizes enable everyone to speak to each other.

How would you describe your classes? Does any specific project or lesson stand out in your mind?

I love my Spanish class, because we are allowed to go off on tangents—we don’t just learn words, we discuss culture as well as language.

How have you grown most as a person during your time here?

I’ve become more out-going and I’m able to take chances—to try new things that I’ve never done before.

How do you usually spend your weekends at Cheshire Academy? What's a favorite event you attended?

 I always enjoy visiting with friends and attending games!

What is one of your favorite memories from CA so far?

We played soccer against a really tough team that we had been crushed by the year before, and in the last ten minutes of the game, we scored and won 1-0! The bus ride home was incredible, because everyone was so excited and proud.

What has surprised you most about being a student at CA?

How different it was from my old school. The teachers at Cheshire Academy really want to connect with the students and teach.

What advice would you give prospective students about coming to CA?

Always take a chance—you never know what you are getting into. Coming to Cheshire Academy gave me a global perspective in life. 

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