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Reason #95: Campus Club Just for Girls

 We <3 our women!

The Coleman Group! This all-female association is an action-oriented group of dynamic women—students, faculty and alumnae alike—who work to create a positive environment for women on campus. Established in 2004 and named for author Marion Moore Coleman, The Coleman Group meets throughout the year for symposiums, activities, and just good old fashioned ‘girl talk’ oriented toward the leadership, education, and personal well-being of women and girls (oh—and cup cakes!)

Real conversation for real women!

Past topics have included “Mean Girls,” “Women in Media,” “Women in Non-Traditional Roles,” and many other important discussions surrounding nutrition and body issues, dating, cyber safety, diversity and double standards. Our students pick the issues that are pertinent to them! By the end of senior year, each senior woman involved with the Coleman Group receives a rose and a pin of membership in a special Pinning Ceremony and luncheon. Join us for chat ‘n chocolate anytime!

Round table discussions & great food!


Carrie Moores

Written by Carrie Moores

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