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Thinking about boarding school, but really want to know where might be a good fit before taking the plunge?

Taking the plunge, literally.

We thought so.  That’s because you’re smart.

When looking around for a school, it’s always a great idea to sample the goods first! Summer programs are an excellent way to experience living away from home, sampling classes, making new friends, and getting a “feel” for the campus.  Our summer program, ACCESS CHESHIRE (yes, all-caps--it’s just that good) takes place every July-August, attracting kids from all over the globe who want to spend their summer in a diverse, challenging, and adventurous environment. We even have our very own ropes course, which is open to all students throughout the year.

ACCESS CHESHIRE focuses on six academic “clusters,” including an exciting new addition to this summer’s line-up: Future Earth: A Green Planet. This offering incorporates physics, architecture and engineering, and sustainable agriculture. As physics instructor Ray Cirmo (of weather balloon fame) explains, Future Earth will instill an understanding of our natural resources and the exciting potential for alternate energy sources to radically and sustainably alter the way we live. “It is about effective design, and how we use everything that is available to us in the most efficient way.”

Another popular cluster is Cheshire CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (yes, like the show!) in which students study the techniques used in the forensic laboratory. ACCESS summer program instructor Tanya Kores explains, “The students in this cluster work collaboratively to process a crime scene in order to discover the perpetrators. We cover hair analysis, fiber analysis, fingerprinting, shoeprint analysis, document examination, and blood typing. CSI gives students real-world applications to the science that they learn in school.” That's right-- you can learn how to "Bust some Perps!" as they say in Hollywood. Students also examine case studies of actual crimes and trials, and get a chance to meet forensic science professionals who share their real-life Crime Scene Investigation experiences.

Photographing the evidence...

Other clusters include Festival of China (introductory Mandarin and ceramics); Into Thin Air (ropes course, physiology, and anatomy); Media and Society (economics and advertising/film studies), and ESL: A Language Immersion Program (grammar and mechanics for non-English speakers). This year, students will be attending from more than 14 different countries including Turkey, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Russia, Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, the Republic of Korea, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, and China, and more than eight different states. For more information on the ACCESS CHESHIRE summer program, you can contact Summer Program Director Diane Cook at or 203.439.7400 or go to the ACCESS CHESHIRE webpage.

Going up!

Of course, if you are unable to spend a summer with us, you can still visit! Contact admissions and they will set you up on a tour of campus and a chance to sit in on our classes. Make a day out of it!


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