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What's the deal with IB?

In addition to an extensive AP curriculum, Honors courses, and the Roxbury Program, as of June 2011 Cheshire Academy proudly offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme!The educators who founded the IB (nearly half a century ago) were visionaries who understood the importance of international-mindedness. They believed that the world is becoming increasingly smaller and that our young people must become members of a global community

The founders of the IB Program affirmed the importance of giving back, and emphasized that students must become involved in community service. They advocated students should become fluent in a second language. And they emphasized the importance of teaching writing across the curriculum.

The IB Programme truly offers a universal approach to learning; when you learn about the world (and how you relate to it) you are simply more prepared when you leave High School and venture into the world.  At Cheshire Academy, we certainly agree with these fundamental principles of living and learning in a diverse community, and we want our students to have every opportunity to challenge themselves and explore new academic--and cultural--territory.

The IB Diploma Programme encourages students to communicate critically, to understand the relationships between subject areas, and to embrace being a global citizen. Emphasizing a balance between breadth and depth, IB courses foster critical-thinking and writing skills through a pedagogical approach designed to help students become thoughtful and international-minded. It's a lot of work--just ask Bronte--but it's interesting and rewarding work.

Our IB students consistently report that their IB courses engage them in a way like never before-- they ask the questions, they lead the discussions pertinent to current affairs, philosophy, anthropology and how they can contribute to shaping the world around them. As rising Senior, Karl, commented, "I love the IB program because it makes you stretch yourself so much. All of the classes are really challenging, because we deal with sophisticated subjects and political issues, so we debate in class. We discuss the media, people, language…" 

Students can pursue the full IB Diploma during their time at the Academy, or they can dabble in a class or two of interest during the academic year. For more information on what the program offers and requirements for successful completion of the Diploma, you can visit our website--or reach out to us in the admissions office--we can connect you with a current student enrolled in our IB Programme to give you a new perspective. After all, new perspective is what it's all about.

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Carrie Moores

Written by Carrie Moores

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