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3 Social Networks You’ve Never Heard of Until Today

We’ve all heard of the major social media networks, but what other networks exist out there and which audiences are using them? We’ll take a look at three relatively unknown social networks that are trying to become the next Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


A player in the short video space, similar to Vine and even Twitter, Keek touts more than 76 million registered users. The service allows users to post videos up to 36 seconds in length and 111 characters of text to accompany it. Users can subscribe or follow other profiles and even reply to videos via text or a video of their own, known as a “Keekback.” The app is available in 190 countries across 6 global regions, and in 36 languages. The user demographic skews towards teens and it's not surprising considering Keek has turned to celebrities like the Kardashians to promote the service.


With more than 1.1 billion registered accounts, WeChat has quickly become a top messaging app among many different demographics around the world. Most popular in China, WeChat still has more than 100 million active users outside the country, which rivals many other social media platforms. Adults are the most active users, spending on average more than 40 minutes a day using the service.


Millennials ages 18-24 have flocked to Whisper, the anonymous secret sharing social service and app. Users are able to upload confessions overlaid on images and post without anyone knowing their real identity. Often times, categories like relationships and faith are top viewed. Though the service has now been around for a while, it’s claiming more than 3.5 million confessions viewed and appears to be continuing to grow.

Social media networks these days are a dime a dozen, but there are still players making a run to be the next big thing in the space.

Cody Barbierri

Written by Cody Barbierri

Experienced social media, public relations, and content expert with more than 10 years experience helping brands drive growth, increase engagement, and build loyalty.

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