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Yes, Your Teen Is Still On Facebook

The last few years we've heard people talking about the mass exodus of teens from Facebook. The reasonings are everything from new more appealing social networks, like Instagram and SnapChat, to the fact that parents and grandparents have taken over Facebook. The reality is that teens are still very much on Facebook, but the way they use it has changed.

A recent Pew Social Media Survey found that 71% of teens (age 13-17) still use Facebook. That beats out Instagram at more than half of teens and SnapChat at 4 in 10 teens. In addition, teens are diversifying their social media usage with 71% using multiple social networks. Have teens left Facebook in rebellion? No, they are just being less active there and more active on other social networks, like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

We may give teens less credit than they deserve. While parents have just figured out how to use Facebook, teens seem to latch on to the newest of networks in an attempt to stay one step ahead. Don't worry, as soon as you figure out Instagram, they'll be on to the next big thing. Have you heard of Skout, Kik, or Whisper?


Cody Barbierri

Written by Cody Barbierri

Experienced social media, public relations, and content expert with more than 10 years experience helping brands drive growth, increase engagement, and build loyalty.

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