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Mindful Parenting Checklist

Raising children can sometimes feel like running a marathon that never ends: Grabbing the juice, grabbing the right juice, cleaning up the juice off your floor/car/new blousethe work never ends.

It can take a little something to shock us out of the day-to-day of parenting (an especially sweet smile from your toddler, an especially poignant question from your middle schooler, or even just a simple reminder from a spouse) to relax to bring us back to the moment.

Mindful parenting helps raise thoughtful, kind, and inquisitive children. Being present and engaged each moment while worrying about your entire to-do list isn't easy, which is why we made the below free printable. Stick it to your fridge or desk and use it to help yourself re-center and re-focus.

 mindful parenting checklist.jpg

 We hope you enjoy the above printable, and use it to bring yourself back to the moment to enjoy the joys of raising and loving your children, messes and obstacles aside.

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Caitlin Garzi

Written by Caitlin Garzi

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