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How to learn more about a private school

If you’re looking into a specific private school or boarding school, it can be hard to figure out exactly what information is most important. If you’re like many students and families, you’ll first go to the school’s website. However, while lots of private schools’ websites have smiling faces of students, what does that really tell you about the school?

Private schools commonly share the same pieces of information, listed below:

  • Average class size
  • Student to teacher ratio
  • Number of advanced courses offered
  • Number or percentage of faculty with advanced degrees

Private schools might also talk about the number of students they have enrolled or the size of their campus. They sometimes even talk about the number of students in the most recent graduating year to go on to tier one colleges!

At Cheshire Academy, we list these numbers on our “At a Glance” page, which also includes information about the Academy’s trustees and 200+ year history. On this page, we also list the number of International Baccalaureate® Diploma courses offered; not all private schools offer the IB Diploma program, so you may not see information about the number of IB courses offered on every private school’s website.

These statistics, which are available on many private school web pages, are a great way to learn more about a school. If you’re looking for this information in a handout, lots of school Admission Offices have PDFs they’d be happy to send you with “at a glance” information. At Cheshire Academy, we have this fun infographic!

While numbers aren’t the only way to learn more about a private school, they can help contextualize your search and help you compare one school to another. Use our private school spreadsheet to help you track things that are important to your search for the best private school for you. Good luck in your private school search!


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Caitlin Garzi

Written by Caitlin Garzi

Caitlin Garzi is the Assoc. Dir. Of Digital Marketing for Cheshire Academy. She works with CAScratchUp bloggers and maintains the look and feel of the blog.

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