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Blogging for Schools: A Beginner's Guide

Are you new to blogging for schools? Hello and welcome! Whether you're a teacher, current student, or administrator, blogging for your school can have some great benefits. When you write, you:

  1. Build and grow your brand as a private school professional and thought leader in your industry
  2. Position your school as a place where people are smart and know their stuff
  3. Attract new applicants and help grow the school's admission inquiry pool
Bottom line: Blogging for schools is good for the blogger and good for the school!
Now that you know why you should be blogging, let me share my five tips for beginner bloggers:
  1. Blogs should be 500-1200 words
  2. Each post should be geared toward one specific audience: (at Cheshire Academy, we blog for parents, students, or administrators)
  3. Each blog post should be INTERESTING and INFORMATIONAL to your chosen audience
  4. A blog post is not an advertisement. You should not worry about advertising for your school in your blog post. Instead, inform your audience about the subject of the post, and use your school or your experiences at your school as an example when relevant
  5. Proofread! At Cheshire Academy,  the Strategic Marketing and Communications team proofs every blog, adding keywords, images, and links, so our guest bloggers do not need to worry about typos. If your school does not already have a proofing process set up, we recommend asking someone in your office to give your blog a quick read through.
Remember: Good writing = good blog post! Would you want to read your blog if you were the target audience? If so, you've done a good job!
Caitlin Garzi

Written by Caitlin Garzi

Caitlin Garzi is the Assoc. Dir. Of Digital Marketing for Cheshire Academy. She works with CAScratchUp bloggers and maintains the look and feel of the blog.

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