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How Your School Can Beat Instagram’s New Feed Algorithm

The last few weeks has felt like an unruly panic from everyone about Instagram’s new algorithm and change to the feed. Rather than the photos being in nice chronological order, they will now be affected by an algorithm which will float photos it thinks you want to see most to the top. As you can imagine, people aren’t happy. But, fear not, there’s a simple way to beat the algorithm and ensure your followers never miss any of your posts. 

Insta Push NotificationsThe hack is simple. Everyone has the option to “turn on notifications” now for any Instagram profile. What this means is that a follower can tell Instagram that yes, they would like to receive a push notification when you post something. Tell your followers to turn on this service and it can help in making sure your audience always sees your posts.

The next step of the algorithm is inevitable, and we saw it with Facebook. Instagram will start giving you the opportunity to boost your post to your own followers. How nice of them! Similar to Facebook, even though you’ve worked hard to amass the followers you have now, that won’t ensure that they will see your post. So, for a small (or large) sum of money, you can conveniently reach all your followers again.Below is a nifty graphic Cheshire Academy created to help our followers know to turn on their push/post notifications. The arrow posts directly to the app function which gives the follower a drop down menu and selection to “turn on post notifications:”


Cody Barbierri

Written by Cody Barbierri

Experienced social media, public relations, and content expert with more than 10 years experience helping brands drive growth, increase engagement, and build loyalty.

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