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[Infographic]: Are digital signs right for your school?

When trying to decide how best to get out information to students and faculty, school marketers are always looking for more information. What works best? What doesn’t work? And what do students want?

At Cheshire Academy, we conducted a survey during the 2015-2016 school year designed to determine the effectiveness of the digital signs around campus, called the CatTVs, that show announcements, events, college visits, and athletic scores. These signs were expensive to implement, but we figured it would be worth it when we considered how easily they pulled from our content management system and the paper waste we hoped to eliminate from poster creation. However, did students feel the same way?

According to our survey, which was filled out by 166 current students and faculty, 62% of respondents with an opinion that was either positive or negative felt that the digital signs were useful. 76% thought the signs displayed relevant information.

To be frank, though, the majority of respondents truly did not care about the digital signs. 42% did not have an opinion on whether or not there should be more digital signs and did not have an opinion about what form of communication the school should use to convey important information.

The dining hall menu was by far the most popular digital sign content, with 44% of users often checking the menu and 24% occasionally checking the menu.

71% of boarding and day students often or occasionally check the digital signs for the athletic game schedule, while 60% check the signs for athletic scores. 46% of students wanted digital signs at the entrance to each dorm, while 41% felt like no digital signage was necessary in the library.

While 42% of students said they would use an interactive kiosk, suggestions for the placement of kiosks did not go over well, with most students preferring digital signs when given a choice between the two. 61% of students said they would use an app, and several students wrote in that digital signs were a waste of money. One student suggested we sell them on ebay!  

Looking at the numbers, it’s clear that students would prefer an app to digital signs, which is something we’re looking into developing at the Academy. If your school considering implementing digital signs (or like us, maybe you’re looking to see how effective they are)? If so, I hope you find this information helpful!



Caitlin Garzi

Written by Caitlin Garzi

Caitlin Garzi is the Assoc. Dir. Of Digital Marketing for Cheshire Academy. She works with CAScratchUp bloggers and maintains the look and feel of the blog.

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