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In honor of the White House Science Fair

In honor of the White House Science Fair, we’re sharing some of our most exciting science activities at Cheshire Academy. From a Sustainable Earth summer camp to Science Olympiad entries, our students showcase a variety of of scientific skills. Click to read more and to watch these videos!


The Sustainable Earth summer camp program gives students four weeks of hands-on activities as part of four unique sessions (you get to choose two!). In Past and Present Earth, students will explore the impact of humans on our planet and the role of technology in our lives. Students in the Oceans session will explore these large bodies of water and study the impact of the oceans on the air we breathe, daily weather, and climate patterns. The Future Earth session covers evolution, alternative energy solutions, and the civilizations of tomorrow, and even gives students the opportunity to participate in a cook-off activity! The fourth session option is Space, which involves students in looking beyond our own planet, exploring the possibility of colonizing other planets, and even studying rockets.


This year, Cheshire Academy students and teachers participated in the Connecticut State Science Olympiad Competition at UCONN. Students entered a variety of competitions including Bridge Building, Air Trajectory, and ElectricElectronic Vehicles. Check out this video of two students who entered a plane into the Wright Stuff competition, in which they flew a custom-built plane.

Check them out getting ready to fly:

And, they made a recovery after getting stuck in the rafters!


The Sciences at Cheshire Academy are hands-on, and have students regularly working on projects of all kinds. Check out these videos of some of our favorites!

Students built and tested mousetrap boats in the pool, and we caught it on 4k video!

Mr. Cirmo’s science classes are always full of exciting experiments, too.

And this is our all time favorite video of a weather balloon launch that made it to the edge of space!

Watch for even more exciting scientific achievements coming from us soon!

Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

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