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Summer Camp English Language Programs for Students

Did you know that you can improve your mastery of a foreign language at summer camp? You can! Many summer camp English programs are targeted to students who are learning the language, giving them a chance to practice their speaking, writing, and listening skills. Getting involved in an ESL/ELL program could give international students a crucial boost before they head off to boarding school in the fall.  

A summer ESL program can be a great way for international students to prepare for the transition to an American boarding school in the fall. It can be a huge change to attend school in a different country, especially if your English language skills are weak. Many summer ESL programs give students a chance to immerse themselves in English language learning activities.

For example, Cheshire Academy’s ESL summer camp gives students a variety of ways to master the language, including role-playing, social networks, and regular conversation about current events. Students will study English grammar and practice speaking skills, while also keeping a daily journal, presenting projects, and writing essays.

Many programs are taught by native English speakers and are conducted entirely in English, challenging students to truly embrace the new language. From dorm rooms to dining hall, the immersive nature of an ESL summer camp means that students are constantly learning and improving their skills.

That means that your skills will be even stronger when you begin your term at boarding school in the fall, giving you more confidence and making the transition into mainstream classes even easier.

Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

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