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Summer Camp Activities

Looking for summer camp activities? Whether you’re a camp counselor looking for ideas or a middle or high school student researching what to expect during summer camp, this blog post is for you.

1. Classroom-based activities

Some summer camps blend activity-based learning with classroom-based learning. For example, if you’re attending a science summer camp, you might perform experiments in the classroom, then go outside and replicate your experiment in nature.

2. Ice Breakers

Every summer camp plays ice breakers! There’s no avoiding them. Ice breakers serve to introduce new campers to each other, and help campers make friends quickly. Some great ice breakers can include get-to-know-you bingo, partner interviews, and even active games like untangling string.

3. Sports and other active games

Some summer camp activities include sports. A camp might have multiple sport offerings that you can choose from, like basketball, field hockey, and soccer, while others might specialize in a specific sport. Other summer camps have you rotate through each sport so you get to try each one and find a favorite.

4. Swimming

Nothing is better than a cool swim on a hot summer day! That’s why a popular summer camp activity is swimming. Some summer camps have swimming every day, while other camps consider it a special activity. Some summer camps have pools on-site, while others have ponds or travel to public pools or even beaches.

5. Specialized activity

Some summer camp activities are dictated by the type of camp. For example, if you’ve signed up to attend a horseback riding camp, you can expect horseback riding to be a major aspect of the camp. Another great example is an ESL summer camp for students looking to improve their English. A good portion of the day will be spent practicing English.

These are just a few of the summer camp activities that are out there! Still interested in summer camps? Download our FREE overnight summer camp checklist!

Caitlin Garzi

Written by Caitlin Garzi

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