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The Benefits of Sleepaway Camp

If you’re considering sending your child to an overnight camp this summer, but are feeling a little reluctant, we have five benefits of sleepaway camp that may ease your mind:

Kids will get time away from their devices. Summer camp of any kind, including sleepaway camp, will always provide children with an opportunity to unplug from technology. Did you know that spending time in nature is believed to decrease stress? Whether canoeing, hiking, archery, or arts and crafts, sleepaway camp can get your child out from behind a screen and into the real world. Many camps require that children NOT bring their cell phones or computers with this point in mind.

Children learn how to be part of a community. Like at school, summer camp offers a sense of community for children. Staying in dorms or cabins together, meeting children from all over the world, eating meals together, solving problems with each other, and making new friends all give children a complete experience, just like they were at home.

Take risks in a safe and supportive environment. Sleepaway camps offer an environment of opportunity for students to try new things. Campers can experience their first steps on stage in a drama production, hit the field to try a new sport, learn a new language, explore the ocean, and even stare into space. Camp allows them to do all this under the supervision of qualified adults. At summer camps like Cheshire Academy’s, teachers take the lead in exciting activities like building rockets and operating submarines underwater.

Prepare for boarding school or college. If you or your child are thinking of attending boarding school for high school, or are getting ready to go away to college, sleepaway can be a great test-drive to see what it’s like to be away from home for an extended period. Campers learn independence, responsibility, and improve time management skills. In addition, children learn how to socialize with other kids and adults in a neutral setting. You often hear about children lacking “people skills,” and sleepaway camps can be a great way to bolster their confidence and make them more comfortable interacting with people outside of their normal activities.

Gain resiliency. During this temporary time away from home, especially if it’s the first time your child has spent an extended time away from home, homesickness is inevitable. But, give your child time to get used to these new surroundings, and she’ll thrive and grow. Your child will overcome homesickness and any other challenges that arise during her time away at sleepaway camp.

Summer camp can be an amazing experience, if both you and your child are prepared for the time away from each other. And when you come back together, may even find that you’ll be even closer than ever.

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Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

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