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What is summer camp?

summer campsWhat is Summer Camp?

When the school year ends and summer vacation arrives, many families wonder what to do with all that free time. The answer? Summer Camp! If you’ve never attended one before, you might be wondering, just what is it?

You can find summer programs for children of all ages that range from daytime programming only, to week-long sleepaway camp, or even month-long sleepaway camps.

Summer camp is an opportunity for students to engage in a variety of activities during the summer months. These supervised summer programs may be specialized in one area, or offer a range of varied summer activities for kids. Summer camp options can range from athletic programs and art programs to formal summer school, specialized studies, and even travel programs.

For example, one of Cheshire Academy’s summer camp offers two different specialized academic programs. Our ESL/ELL Bootcamp is designed for students looking to improve their mastery over the English language. They will practice reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension skills to go beyond just the basics. Students will delve into conversations about travel, cuisine, film, music, sports, and more. By utilizing social media, engaging in classroom activities, and exploring the rich culture of New England, they will test their knowledge and skills regularly, giving them an authentic and comprehensive English language learning experience.

Looking for something different? Try Cheshire Academy’s Sustainable Earth programs, two different tracks that study Earth-friendly practices and exploring the oceans and space, offering everything from engineering and rocket-building (submarines, too!) to gardening and cooking. 

No matter what program you choose, summer camp for kids is a great way to make new friends, engage in activities, try new things, and even prepare for school in the fall. Check back often for more information about summer camp, and how to pick the best one for you! 

Stacy Jagodowski

Written by Stacy Jagodowski

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