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Admission Fairs: 5 Key Navigation Tips

by Carrie Moores on 10/22/2014

It’s admission season! Chances are, there is a boarding school fair happening near you. This type of “school speed-dating” can certainly be daunting—over 100 schools set up at different tables,...

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Is it Easier to get into Boarding School as a Day Student?

by Carrie Moores on 10/15/2014

Many myths surround the boarding school acceptance process and who will be admitted—one of them being the difference between applying to a private school as a boarder versus applying as a day...

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Preparing For Pre-Season: Making the Most of Back to School Sports for Athletes

by Carrie Moores on 08/28/2014

As many student-athletes return to campus this week to begin fall practices, here are a few helpful tips to make sure you hit the ground running for pre-season (and if you aren't excited to play a

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6 Ways To Prepare for Heading Back to School

by Carrie Moores on 08/26/2014
  1. Set your alarm a little bit earlier each day.

Jet lag doesn’t only occur when you travel internationally—jumping right back into the school year when you are used to sleeping in everyday over...

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Ace Your Boarding School Interview in 5 steps

by Carrie Moores on 07/16/2014

The summer is a great season to set out visiting schools and perhaps even meet one-on-one with an admission officer for an interview. While many students have no problem putting together a ...

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Is Boarding School Dress Code Important?

by Carrie Moores on 07/09/2014

  Blazers make great umbrellas!

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7 Tips for Day Students Attending Boarding Schools

by Carrie Moores on 05/28/2014

Day students attending boarding school have a lot to experience. If you're thinking about being a day student at a boarding school, you'll be in a great position to enjoy the best of both worlds!...

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Should You Do A PG Year After High School?

by Carrie Moores on 05/21/2014

Increasingly, students are considering delaying college by one year in order to attend a PG (post-graduate) year at a boarding school after completing High School. For many students, a PG year is...

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What to Wear: Dressing for Your Private School Interview

by Carrie Moores on 05/14/2014

Planning to visit a few private schools this summer? While you are out on the road, you may wish to schedule your interviews now so you can focus on completing your applications next fall. Whether...

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5 Steps For Choosing a Boarding School

by Carrie Moores on 03/25/2014

1. Make a list of qualities you are looking for in a school. It sounds obvious, but writing out a list really does help! Before you begin your Internet research, make a list of exactly what...

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6 Tips to Decide if a Postgraduate Year is Right for You

by Carrie Moores on 03/19/2014
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Former CA Town Scholar, Actor James Van Der Beek '95, Visits CA!

by Carrie Moores on 10/29/2013
Does the guy with the great smile look familiar? Cheshire Academy alumnus actor James Van Der Beek ’95, returned to campus last week to surprise students and chat with one of our drama classes!...
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Cheshire Academy is Sustainable!

by Carrie Moores on 09/24/2013
 Every effort helps!


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Get Social With Us!

by Carrie Moores on 01/08/2013

Cheshire Academy is sprouting up all over the cybersphere! There are many ways to stay in touch and learn about everyday life here at the Academy, from Facebook to Google+ to Pinterest,we may have...

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A Note on Safety from your Admission Officer

by Carrie Moores on 12/18/2012

One of the most frequent questions I get from parents during the interview process, is "Will my child be safe at your school?" Boarding schools are designed to be a "home away from home" for...

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