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Finding a Great Performing Arts High School

Are boarding schools worth it?

Bullying at Schools: What You Can Do

How to Make Friends in Middle School

Boarding School Sports: A Guide

Parenting an Anxious Child

Mindful Parenting Checklist

Learn more about private school

Boarding Schools for Boys

Best Boarding School Blog Posts of 2016

[Video Content]: What is Boarding School

Boarding Schools for Girls

How to choose the best boarding school for your sport

6 Reasons You Might Switch Schools

4 College Athletic Scholarship Myths

Want to go Ivy League? 4 Must Haves for Your High School Transcript

ls your high school art program good enough?

Do I need Volunteer Service on my High School Transcript?

Deciding Between Athletic Scholarship Offers

How to learn more about a private school

5 Ways to Get Noticed by College Coaches

Is a college degree worth the time and money?

3 Reasons to Play College Sports

4 Reasons to Play High School Sports

Finding the Right Private School is Like Planning a Wedding

4 College Application Tips from a Former College Admission Officer

Does boarding school prepare you for college?

Do private schools compete in the National Spelling Bee?

Private School Versus Public School

Exploring the Northeast: Boarding Schools in New York

Exploring the Northeast: Boarding Schools in New England

Are boarding schools better than public schools?

What to expect after you enroll at boarding schools in the US

In honor of the White House Science Fair

Summer Camp English Language Programs for Students

How do I find boarding schools near me

Picking the Best Boarding School

Is a youth summer science camp right for you?

Are boarding schools good for children?

What it’s like to be rejected from your first choice school

Understanding your financial aid decisions

What does my admission decision mean?

The Qualities of Top Boarding Schools

Summer Camp Activities

What are boarding school uniforms like?

The Ultimate Boarding School Definition

4 Reasons to attend a New England Summer Camp

What you need to know about boarding schools in the US

Your Ultimate Guide to Boarding School Admission and more

Should I follow up on my application? Answering your FAQ

How a residential summer camp can prepare your child for boarding school

QUIZ: Is your boarding school application complete?

How to prepare your child for summer camp

I missed the deadline! Applying to Boarding Schools After February 10

Boarding School Interview Tips

4 Reasons to Register for Summer Camp Early

4 Cool Things I Did as a Day Student at Boarding School

Top 10 Best Boarding Schools Blogs from 2015

5 Types of Summer Camps You Didn’t Know Existed

[Infographic]: Boarding school application deadlines

The Boarding School and the Blizzard

Is boarding school right for me?

3 App Features That Should Concern Parents

3 Academic Summer Camp Myths

Important Boarding School Application Deadlines

How to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at Boarding School

How much does boarding school cost?

The Benefits of Sleepaway Camp

What is a boarding school dorm parent?

Day Student Life at Boarding School

How do I apply to summer camp?

SSAT Series Part 3: The SSAT Writing Sample

SSAT Series Part 2: Quantitative/math SSAT prep

Should my child go to summer camp?

SSAT Series Part 1: Prepare for the SSAT Reading & Verbal

SSAT Study Series

How to pick a summer camp

Understanding Rolling Admission

Why go to boarding school as a day student?

Summer Camp vs. Summer Internship: what's right for you?

Decoding Personal Recommendations

A Guide to Teacher Recommendations

5 Social Media Blogs Every Parent Should Follow

What summer camp is right for you?

Eight Types of Boarding Schools You Didn’t Know Existed

Do Boarding Schools Have Snow Days

Four reasons to send your child to summer camp

Philanthropy at Private Schools: A Culture of Giving Back

Want to learn about boarding schools?

How can I get financial aid for boarding school?

What is summer camp?

Stand out during your admissions interview

An invitation to independent schools: Giving Tuesday Chat

How can I improve my SSAT score?

Five Historical Facts about Boarding Schools

3 Student-run Boarding School Blogs You Need to Follow

Is a PG year right for you?

What Happens on a Boarding School Tour?

Do boarding schools celebrate halloween?

Top Reasons to Go to Boarding School

Is Boarding School Right for Me?

What is Twitter Moments?

Do all boarding schools have uniforms?

Fun things to do at New England Boarding Schools in the fall

SSAT Strategies: Taking the SSAT

What is private school?

Looking for a sample admission essay for boarding school applications?

What to wear to your boarding school interview

3 Social Networks You’ve Never Heard of Until Today

Ace your boarding school interview

5 Things You Need to Know about the SSAT

5 Tips to Write a Great Boarding School Essay

Is My Teen Using SnapChat?

Boarding School Open House: Why attend? What happens?

Changes to the FAFSA | Are boarding schools affected?

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Attract Colleges

Ranking the best boarding schools in the world

Yes, Your Teen Is Still On Facebook

10 boarding school interview questions you might encounter

Top 5 benefits to playing boarding school sports

Seven tips to survive the first few days of boarding school

What not to bring to your dorm room at boarding school

10 Things to bring to boarding school: A guide to moving into your dorm room

4 Boarding School Blogs to Read

Boarding School Facts: What You Need to Know

The first day of boarding school

Preparing for high school sports: preseason tips

How to afford boarding school

Looking for a boarding school still taking applications?

How do I apply to summer camp?

What are you doing this summer? Summer camp?

The Boarding School Application

Applying to boarding school | Common apps for secondary schools

Are you looking for a good election app?

Is it too late to apply to boarding school?

Five Interesting Facts about New England Boarding Schools

Waitlisted at Boarding School

Accepted at Boarding School

Choosing the right boarding school to attend

Hey Students, Win Some Academy Swag

Advice for Applying to Boarding Schools - Part 3

Advice for Applying to Boarding School - Part 2: Creating Your List of Potential Schools

Three Ways to Organize Your College Entrance Essay

Let’s Share How Independent Schools Give Back - #ISGivingTuesday #GivingTuesday

Major Decisions: How to Choose a College Major

Advice for Applying to Boarding School - Part 1: Knowing what you want

3 Unique Ways to Study SAT Vocabulary

7 Questions To Ask During An Admission Interview

7 Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour

Admission Fairs: 5 Key Navigation Tips

Is it Easier to get into Boarding School as a Day Student?

4 Tips for Writing a Good College Entrance Essay

Do I Need Volunteer Work on My High School Transcript?

IB Program Series Part IV: The Depths of ToK

The Boarding School Search: Should the Surrounding Town Be a Factor?

Journey Into the IB Program: Part III

Applying to Boarding Schools: Application Tips

Journey Into the IB Program, Part II

Boarding School Interviews Decoded

Journey into the IB Program: Part I

Make the Most of a PG Year

Preparing For Pre-Season: Making the Most of Back to School Sports for Athletes

6 Ways To Prepare for Heading Back to School

What to wear on the first day of school

10 Things to Do at New England Boarding Schools

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your On-Campus Visit

4 Little Known Supplementary Programs Offered by Private Schools

Ace Your Boarding School Interview in 5 steps

Is Boarding School Dress Code Important?

5 Tips for Taking the SSAT

The PG Year: It's Not Just For Boys

What is Boarding School?

Five Steps to Launch Your Private School Search

7 Tips for Day Students Attending Boarding Schools

Should You Do A PG Year After High School?

What to Wear: Dressing for Your Private School Interview

Living On Campus: A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student

4 Reasons to be a Day Student at a Boarding School

5 Little Known Facts About Boarding School, Part II

5 Little Known Facts About Boarding School Life, Part 1

5 Steps For Choosing a Boarding School

6 Tips to Decide if a Postgraduate Year is Right for You

Revisiting a Boarding School: What to Look For

Congratulations to Our Recently Accepted Students!

…But What Do Students Do in the Winter?

Swimming at CA!

Catch Up With The ScratchUp!

Our New Town Scholar!

Get a Taste of Classes at CA

@CAscratchup: The Student Perspective!

What Are You Thankful For?

Reflections From the Sky

Boarding School Blues (and greens and yellows and purples...)

Former CA Town Scholar, Actor James Van Der Beek '95, Visits CA!

Spirit Week 2013!

Fewer Words, More Pictures? Follow CA on Instagram!

We're On the Road!

Cheshire Academy is Sustainable!

They’re Baaaack….

Meet Tommy!

Dog Days of Summer...

Admission Files: Get to Know Kristen Mariotti!

When Should I Start Looking at Schools?

Welcome to our 2013-14 Town Scholar!

Reason #90: Theater and The Varsity Players

Revisit Day

We Want YOU!

Extra, Extra!

From CA to Team USA!

Waiting is the Hardest Part!

Is a Postgraduate year right for you?

What is your #1?

Deadline for Regular Admission: January 31!

International Buffet!

Get Social With Us!

A Note on Safety from your Admission Officer

Reason #91: Community Weekends

Meet Jade!

Come Visit Us!

Have you interviewed yet?

10 Things To Remember When Applying!

Next Steps!

Reason #92: Community Dinners

Thank You for Visiting!

Cheshire Magazine!

Meet Shin Shin!

Reason #93: Student Involvement

On the Road Again!

Meet Karl!

Join us for our Open House this Fall!

Reason #94: Athletic Pre-Season

Granting Wishes Every Year…

Meet Nicky!

Meet Nianci!

Reason #95: Campus Club Just for Girls

How Do I Apply?

Location, Location, Location!

Meet Jonathan!

Reason #96: Spring Fling

Friday Night Lights (and a New England Championship)

Meet Hannah!

Reason #97: Community Service

How will Cheshire Academy help me get into College?

Meet Aboubacar!

Reason #98: Ropes Course

Go ahead--Sample us!

This year's boarding school scholarship goes to...

Types of arts for high school students

What's the deal with IB?

Meet Wojiech!

Reason #100: Rainbows

Interview with a boarding school student: Bronte

Getting ready for high school summer reading

Hands-On Learning: Launch Your Homework into Space

[Video]: Welcome to Cheshire Academy!


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