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6 Reasons You Might Switch Schools

Switching schools, or even switching school districts, is never an easy decision to make. Students who stay in one place gain plenty of relationships through their years in a single community; however, sometimes the cons of a school outweigh the pros. Here are six reasons you might switch schools:

1. Friends are few and far between

While not every child can be the most popular student in the school, you might need to switch schools if you notice that friends are few and far between. School is a time to make memories and socialize—while getting schoolwork done, of course—and it’s important to recognize if a student isn’t making those connections. Staying in the same school district limits the number of new people you can meet, and if you’ve exhausted after school and club options, switching schools could offer up new and interesting people that you might be able to make a connection with.

2. Too many friends, or friends in the wrong crowd

Conversely, students who have too many friends or friends who are bad influences might need to switch schools in order to better focus on grades. The decisions made in high school can follow students all the way through their adult lives, especially by affecting college acceptances or their work ethic, so it’s important to set good values and study habits early. If you’re noticing that social functions (or even unhealthy social functions) are interfering with schoolwork, it might be time to switch schools.

3. Budget Cuts

When I was in middle school, my whole public school district went through budget cuts and couldn’t afford to hire enough teachers. Some students had substitute math teachers for entire years. My parents decided to switch schools for me and send me to private school. Even though the school I transferred to had tuition, as opposed to my previous school, I was able to have teachers who were experts in their subjects at every level.

4. Bullies

Sometimes bullying can be more covert than coming home with cuts and bruises. If you have a friend who doesn’t bring out your best self, or makes you feel bad regularly, it can be really hard to quit hanging out with them in school. It can make things easier to have a clean break and attend a different school where you might make friends who are nicer and a better fit.

5. Lack of programing

Many schools are cutting back on things like the arts and sports. If your school doesn’t have enough activities, it might be time to look for a school where you can explore many interests. For example, Cheshire Academy has photography and coding classes, along with almost 40 sports teams, accommodating students of all levels.

6. High aptitude for a specific program

It might be time to switch schools if you have a high aptitude for a specific sport or program and your current school can’t challenge you anymore. For example, if you’re excellent at math but your school isn’t prepared to accommodate that interest with higher level courses (at my private school, a teacher drove a student to a nearby college so that he could continue to take challenging math courses!), it might be time to switch schools and move on to a place that will help you excel.

While making the decision to switch schools is never easy, there are many reasons why it might be the right choice. Even if at first you don’t want to leave, it could be better in the long run by opening you up to better or more advanced programming, new friendships, and new opportunities.


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Caitlin Garzi

Written by Caitlin Garzi

Caitlin Garzi is the Assoc. Dir. Of Digital Marketing for Cheshire Academy. She works with CAScratchUp bloggers and maintains the look and feel of the blog.

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