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5 Ways to Get Noticed by College Coaches

You’re a high school athlete and you’ve started to think about college. Not only to do you want to attend, but you also want to play a collegiate sport. However, you don’t know the correct way to reach out to college coaches to get their attention. Below we’ve outlined 5 ways to get a college coaches attention and increase your chances of playing a sport after high school.

Make A Highlight Video

There’s no better way for a college coach to be introduced to your skills and talents than by seeing them through a highlight video. It can be a great first step to getting noticed as many college coaches can’t make it out to see most players in person. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make a highlight video, download our free e-book here.

Ask Your Coach

Most coaches have pretty strong networks of college coaches they have known for years. This makes sense as they often send these coaches players from high school. Don’t be afraid to talk to your current coach and let them know you want to play at the college level. They might be able to make introductions for you to certain coaches or put in a good word for you. At the very least, they could make a phone call to a coach, which they may or may not know, and let them know you might be a player they would want to check out. Here’s where that highlight video could come in handy. At Cheshire Academy, not only do we have coaches, but also college counseling. They have great relationships with colleges and can also reach out for you.

Visit the Campus

College visits are something most students do when thinking about which school they want to attend. During your visit, you’ll likely meet with the academic office, take a tour and even sit in on some classes. You can also make a point to stop by the coaches' offices to see if they are available to talk. Most coaches, time permitting, will gladly sit down with you for a few minutes to make introductions and hear about why you might want to play for them.

Club Sports

Club teams are fabulous ways to extend your playing career and get noticed by more college coaches. Programs like AAU and Club Soccer give students opportunities to play off season in leagues and tournaments that many college coaches attend and recruit. Research your area for club programs and contact them about your desire to play at the collegiate level. They will be happy to speak with you and try to help.

Social Media

While we also suggest you be super careful on social media, it can be a great way to get noticed by college coaches. Most coaches today have some kind of social presence so tagging them in posts or direct messaging them can be an alternative to say a simple email, which may get lost in the shuffle. We suggest you be smart about the number of times you tag or message them. Use it sparingly and only when you really have something to show off or are having a follow up conversation.

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Cody Barbierri

Written by Cody Barbierri

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