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4 Reasons to Play High School Sports

If you’re not one of the students who plays high school sports for the sheer love of the game, then you might be on the fence on whether you should play or not. The reality is there are a host of benefits to playing high school sports that you may have never thought about before. We’ve outlined five of those benefits below:


There is often times a misconception that needing to be healthy is something for when you’re older, but the reality is that even high school students need to exercise and be healthy. Playing high school sports can be an easy way to have a regimented workout plan on a daily basis. Most teams practice daily and also have stamina sessions focused on getting in better shape for games.

Playing a sport also forces you to think about what you’re eating. Eating a cheeseburger and pizza for lunch may affect how you play in a game after school, teaching you the importance of eating smart. In addition, the habits you develop now will affect how your body functions in the future. Regularly working out for several years (think four years of high school) can cause your metabolism to increase for the next several years, even if you eventually stop exercising.


While not everyone has problems with making friends, playing a sport can be an ideal way to meet new people and form friendships. A team spends an absorbent amount of time together during a season, so it would be hard to not make connections with your teammates. What can come from these relationships are better skills around teamwork, one on one engagements, team decisions, and problem solving.


When you play a sport in high school, your need for time management greatly increases, but is a valuable strength to learn. Not only do you have school and homework, but you’ll also have several hours of practice or games after school, as well as potential weekend games. These skills can play a big part in the next phase of your academic and athletic career at the college level. You’ll also be learning valuable lessons for when you graduate college and enter the workforce.


While not for everyone, playing sports can be a great way to build leadership skills. These skills can be valuable as you go to college and then into the workforce. Playing on a team naturally requires individuals to be leaders of the group, either naturally or by being chosen. Regardless, playing on a team may unlock your inner leadership skills and help evolve them for the future.

While for some people, playing a high school sport comes down to enjoying a specific sport, there are plenty of athletes who don’t feel strongly about sports in general and just play for the health, social, and life benefits of being part of a sports team. Many private schools and boarding schools, including Cheshire Academy, require high school students to play a certain number of sports for exactly this reason. It’s common for students who never considered themselves athletes to find out that playing on a high school sports team is one of their favorite aspects of school.

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Written by Cody Barbierri

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